Summer Vacation

No matter the destination, summer vacations are about the memories you make and the people you choose to share them with.


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When planning your summer vacation, you could use a complicated algorithm based on affordability, weather, and entertainment options to find the best destination. But when we put this cover collection together, we started to think that maybe our 20th-century cover artists were onto something. Rarely is the best summer vacation memory about the destination, rather it’s about the people you chose to share that destination with.

Celebrating the summer vacation with these covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  1. Wonderfull magazine!! Started reading it @ the beginning of a great marriage in 1949!!! Lots of enjoyment.Thank you!!

  2. Great covers. Nearly everyone concerned the beach and/or fishing. I wonder if fifty years later summer vacation covers might spotlight other activities.


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