5-Minute Fitness: Posture Building Exercise

Relax tight neck muscles with this daily exercise to improve posture.

Woman rubbing sore neck
Heighten body awareness and improve alignment with the Posture Builder from Mary Bond's book The New Rules of Posture. (Photo: Image Point Fr/Shutterstock.com)

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Relax tight neck muscles and improve posture. Long computer sessions or hours of close-up work can narrow our vision, move the head and neck forward, and interfere with body balance, says Mary Bond, who suggests this daily visual workout to heighten body awareness and improve alignment from her book The New Rules of Posture.

Posture Builder

Book cover of New Rules of Posture by Mary Bond

  • 1 Stand comfortably and stare intently at object at eye level in front of you. Lift one leg to test balance.
  • 2 With both feet on ground, extend arms out to sides at shoulder level. Keep gaze forward. Then wiggle fingers and pay attention to the peripheral movement.
  • 3 Lower arms to sides, keeping eyes on the object in front of you, while continuing to focus awareness on surroundings.
  • 4 As best you can, maintain both forward and peripheral vision. Again, test balance by lifting a leg.
  • 5 Lower foot to ground. Walk around to experience improved posture and balance.

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