5-Minute Fitness: Rapid Refresh

Energize in under a minute with Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln’s simple move. All you need is a chair.

Woman stretching on chair
Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln performing Chest Opener. (Photo courtesy barre3)

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Energize in under a minute with barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln’s simple move to open the front of the body. All you need is a chair.

Chest Opener

1 Sit on edge of chair with feet flat on ground and slightly in front of knees as shown.

2 Draw arms behind you. Grab on to sides of chair.

3 Inhale, lifting chest and pulling shoulder blades together.

4 Hold position for 5 deep breaths or 30 seconds.

Reps: Repeat as desired throughout your day.

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