5-Minute Fitness: Stretch Away Stress

Reduce tensions with this quick tip from fitness instructor Alanna Zabel.

Allana Zabel demonstrating shoulder stretches
Courtesy Anchor Bay Entertainment

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Reduce tension in the neck and upper back. “I love that this move can be done almost anywhere — in line at stores, work, or even seated watching television,” says fitness instructor and AZIAM Yoga founder Alanna Zabel (pictured above).

Neck and shoulder stretch

1 Stand tall and straight with arms at sides.

2 Reach left hand behind body and clasp inside of right elbow. (Tip: If unable to reach, use towel around elbow as an extension to help secure position.)

3 Once secured, gently tilt head to the right and gently press left shoulder down toward hip.

4 Hold for 10 deep, slow breaths. Repeat, other side.

Reps: 1 rep each morning and evening.

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