5-Minute Fitness: The Breathing Technique That Will De-Stress You

Feeling stressed and anxious? This quick and portable breathing technique will relax you in minutes.

Woman taking a calming breath

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Woman taking a breath to calm herself

Calm the mind and boost mood in minutes: “I love to share this breathing technique because it is easy, portable, and has so many proven benefits. Enjoy!” says energy healing expert and author Alison Kay, Ph.D.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

1 Place second and third fingers of right hand on either side of bridge of nose, between eyebrows.
2 Extend thumb and pinkie finger.
3 Use thumb to close off right nostril.
4 Inhale slowly and fully through left nostril. Pause.
5 Use pinkie to close off left nostril, removing thumb from right nostril.
6 Exhale slowly and fully through right nostril.
7 Leaving hands exactly as they are, inhale through right nostril. Pause.
8 Use thumb to close off right nostril, removing pinkie off left nostril.
9 Exhale slowly and fully through left nostril.

Repeat steps five through nine 10 times, once per day.

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