Cartoons: The Little Scouts

You’ll hoot at the hijinks of the Little Scouts and their put-upon scout master.


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Overweight scout leader on a scale. Scouts are using a board to lift him off the scale to make him appear lighter.
December 25, 1943


Boy scouts and their leader tread through the snow
“I think he does have his snowshoes on, but I kind of hate to ask him!”
December 09, 1944


Boy scouts in a store
“It’s a porcupine – and we’d like to watch you do it.”
December 16, 1944


Boy scouts hiding a fox from fox hunters
December 30, 1944


Scouts talking to a man in the snow
“But if we postpone the trip till tomorrow the weather might turn bad!”
December 01, 1945


Scout leader talking to his troup
“When I put you in charge of the grub committee, Thomas, I thought you’d bring something more than eight packages of marshmallows.”
July 12, 1947


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