Wouldn’t You Really Rather Have a Buick? Buick Ads from 1913-1965

If you’re a fan of Buicks, you’ll love these car ads dating back to 1913. We have ads for Phaetons, Skylarks, and Rivieras that will get your motor running!


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Car Ad
December 12, 1913


“In the 1914 Buick you will find, in addition to those essentials of service which account for the Buick envied record of nine years, the choice of six models, fours and sixes, touring and roadster bodies, prices from $950 to $1985.”

Car Ad
November 24, 1917


“In the models for 1918 there is wide range of style — a still more pleasing dignity with grace and beauty of line.”

Car Ad
December 3, 1927


“Make this Christmas last for thousands of miles….”

Car Ad
October 19, 1940


1941 Buick Phaeton: “It isn’t just that the new Fireball engines, micropoise-balanced to vibrationless ease, carry Buick’s exclusive Dynaflash principle to new heights of agile brilliance while actually getting 10% to 15% more miles per gallon.”

Car Ad
August 4, 1945


“We aim to make those Buicks all that returning warriors have dreamed about — cars that from go-treadle to stop light will fit the stirring pattern of the lively, exciting, forward-moving new world so many millions have fought for.”

Car Ad
May 16, 1953


1953 Skylark: “Upon the Skylark, we have lavished practically every modern automotive advance — including the world’s newest V8 Engine, Twin-Turbine Dynaflow, Power Steering, Power Brakes, hydraulic control of the radio antenna, windows, top, and front-seat adjustment.”

Car Ad
July 25, 1959


Buick Electra: “The ‘Time Proof’ body by Fisher cradles and protects you with unequaled staunchness and quiet comfort. Vibration and noise are hushed in a body that keeps its new-car tautness longer than ever.”

April 24, 1965


The Riviera with Muscles on its Muscles. New Riviera Gran Sport

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  1. You got my motor running! Thanks for featuring the ’59 Buick ‘Flattop’ 4 door coupe here even if it was technically a Fisher Body ad. That ‘flying carpet’ roof line is one of the coolest roofs ever put on an automobile, period!

    GM used it across the board on all 5 of their ’59 and ’60 car lines. Of course the regular ‘pillared’ sedans were always available. The ’59 Buick was the first of GM’s ’59s to be released to the dealerships because the ’58 had been SUCH a disaster.

    The new ‘Jetsons’ models were a bit of shock, but were well received. All of the names like Roadmaster, Super, Century were replaced by Electra, LeSabre, Invicta and Wildcat for ultra sleek futuristic models.

    The pre-war ads are fascinating and great too. LOVE the ’53 Skylark and the ’65 Riviera. Those were the glory years of the American auto before government regulations, OPEC, overwhelming foreign competition and production costs eventually reduced body style choices to almost exclusively 4 door sedans, SUV’s and Crossovers for almost ALL auto makes.


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