5-Minute Fitness: Towel Pull

Strengthen core, back, and shoulder muscles with a simple towel!


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Woman holding a towel over her head
Courtesy Fit as a Pro

This is a great move to strengthen core, back, and shoulder muscles, and a must for those with problem shoulders, says Olympic soccer medalist and star of the Fit as a Pro DVDs Lauren Sesselmann.

Towel Pull
1 Hold towel behind your back with bottom palm facing away from body and top palm facing back of head, as shown.
2 Keep core engaged with shoulders relaxed, knees slightly bent, and back nice and straight.
3 Pull towel down by straightening bottom elbow. Then pull up by straightening top elbow. Move slowly, feeling the move in your triceps.
4 Repeat with other palm on top.
Do 12 reps per side. Gradually work up to 4 sets, twice weekly.

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