Cartoons from 1925

Much has changed since 1925, but has our sense of humor? Take a look at these cartoons from 1925, and you be the judge.


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Much has changed since 1925, but has our sense of humor?  Take a look at these cartoons from 1925, and you be the judge. 


“Giddap, Nell! We’ll Have That Ol’ Stump Out in a Jiffy!” 
Nate Collier 
June 13, 1925 


“Oh Look — Margie’s Getting Her Face Lifted!” 
Paul Goold 
July 18, 1925 


“I’m Looking for Something Snappy in Husbands” 
“Yes, Madam.” This is Our New Fall Line, Just In” 
Donald McKee 
August 1, 1925 


“So Your Friend Says He’s Lonsome, Does He, Tatters?” 
“He Wants Entertainment, Does He?” Well, I’ve Found the Best Way to Entertain Folks — 
“Is to Let Them Think They’re Doin’ it Theirselves” 
Robert L. Dickey 
September 5, 1925


“Call for Mr. Smith” 
Wyncie King 
September 19, 1925 


The Sleepy Bookkeeper: “If That Ol’ Fathead of a Boss Comes Snooping Around, Wake Me, Bill, I’m Goin’ to Take a Little Snooze” 
Nate Collier 
October 10, 1925 


“Ticket to New York, Please. I Want to Live My Own Life” 
Donald McKee 
October 10, 1925 


Floorwalker in Jewelry Store — “Just a Few Moments, Madam, and I’ll Find Someone to Wait on You!” 
Calvert Smith 
December 26, 1925 

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  1. The child wanting to leave town as his mom is looking for him with a switch reminds me of my childhood. Many times I wanted to leave town when I was in hot water at home. I was never able to do that, since we lived too far from any bus or taxi service. My bicycle was all I could escape on.

  2. The floorwalker cartoon invokes a memory of my childhood when I became separated from my grandmother in a department store. The kindly floorwalker carried me around until I pointed her out . They provided a valuable service in those days.

  3. I really enjoyed the one about pulling a stump out of the ground. Been there, done that! Please keep us laughing. Thanks

  4. Personally, I found all of these to be pretty funny. My favorites are the top one,
    the 12 hanging husbands, the call for all the Mr. Smiths, the ticket for New York, and the floor walker in the jewelry store.

    My most favorite is the second one, ‘Oh look–Margie’s Getting Her Face Lifted’! It’s funny in its own right, but also because I didn’t think face lifts or even the term went back that far! I do believe though Margie here’s getting her neck lifted; of course I could be wrong.


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