Rockwell Video Minute: Triple Self-Portrait

In 1960, Norman Rockwell produced one of the most famous self-portraits in American art.

Norman Rockwell

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In 1960, Norman Rockwell produced one of the most famous self-portraits in American art.

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  1. My husband of 68 years recently passed away. Once we were married we stopped regularly on our way home from work to buy The Saturday Evening Post. Then while I fixed dinner, Russ read from The Saturday Evening Post. If there was a continued story, that’s the story he would read. Eventually we subscribed to the magazine. It was bigger then!!

  2. I’m 75 years of age and have loved Rockwell for as long as I can remember. When I got my art degree years ago I was taught that he was not considered an artist. He was an illustrator. I tried on a few occasions to copy a Rockwell illustration and was unable to do so. My instructors considered me an artist because I painted landscapes (and other things) in oils yet I couldn’t do a “mere” illustration. I wondered what that really made me. Regardless what others believe, I consider Rockwell a fine artist with an excellent eye for human behavior.

  3. Norman Rockwell has been a favorite of mine since childhood, before TV filled our ‘spare’ time. I knew what day the Saturday Evening Post would be delivered to our mailbox and would retrieve it eagerly and bring it in for my Grandmother and I to enjoy whatever cover of Rockwell’s adorned that weeks issue. I have visited the Museum, have a collection of Rockwell plates and always enjoy seeing his renditions of life as he portrayed them on canvas. Thank you for now making these memories available online!!!


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