Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: The Toronto International Film Festival, Hugh Bonneville, and Dolores Huerta

Saturday Evening Post movie critic Bill Newcott talks to Hugh Bonneville about Viceroy’s House and interviews Dolores Huerta, subject of the documentary Dolores.

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Award-winning film critic and writer Bill Newcott has been covering Hollywood for more than 40 years. He is the creator of AARP’s Movies For Grownups franchise and the movie critic for The Saturday Evening Post.

Join our movie review video podcast, Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott. This week, Bill interviews Hugh Bonneville, star of Viceroy’s House; discusses the book, Starring the Plaza, which tell the story of the New York hotel’s unique relationship with Hollywood; andinterviews Dolores Huerta, an activist for the California farm workers in the 1960s and ‘70s and the subject of the revealing new documentary, Dolores.



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  1. Thanks for your comment, Bob! I’ve long wondered why theaters and film distributors don’t program the coming attractions to the films that follow them. Bill

  2. Thank you Bill. I’ll check some of these out. I only go to see films in limited release at theaters specifically for them, when I do go. There are a lot of good films/series being producted for Hulu, Netflix, AMC etc., that I don’t need theater films at all.

    “Hollywood” does put out a couple of good films in a given year (better than none!) but even with those I’m subjected to an audio-visual assualt on my senses with the previews. Never, EVER again; God.

    I did see ‘Fences’ about 9 months ago in a ‘regular’ theater, but only went in after the repetitive explosion, brain-dead ‘action’ crap previews were done. That goes for the equally bad other genres as well. They’re NOT the only game in town AT ALL, though they’ll never admit it. Most of thse films require no translation, doesn’t matter what point you start watching it, and are a tailor made “product” for worldwide destruction—I mean distribution, where the real money is for them.


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