Rockwell Video Minute: Road Block

A master at telling a complete story in one picture, Norman Rockwell transforms an alley in Los Angeles into showdown between a moving truck and little dog.


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A lot of detail goes into every Rockwell painting. In this video, we break down how he turned a boring alley into a hilarious scene teeming with many characters and one great story.

See all of the videos in our Rockwell Video Minute series at www.saturdayeveningpost/rockwell-video.

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  1. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” could never be more true in Mr. Norman Rockwell’s case. His art is so thought provoking that it demands one’s attention.

  2. Beloved Rockwell is a master of concise storytelling, turning the ordinary into extra ordinary in a single amazing action-packed frame. Delight is in the detail .

  3. So proud to see these newsletters and Rockwell videos. Proud? Yes, because after being part of the magazine’s sales and marketing staff for over 35 years, it’s a thrill to see the magazine step into the future with these online postings. Keep up the good work.

  4. Another great Rockwell cover with a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation. I never knew the truck was a camouflaged Bekins truck or the cover was L.A. based otherwise.

    As for the dog, his body language suggests he’s distressed or frightened. A little spoonful of peanut butter combined with some baby talk should do the trick in changing that.


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