Cartoons: Football Fails

The Post cartoonists examine the irony of the gridiron.

Football player clings to his opponent as they walk to the locker room.

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A football player rushes towards a very distant goal line as members of the opposing team chase him.
September/October 1995


A Green Bay Packers fan looks in a mirror as he tries out a new cheesehead hat. The salesman stands next to him.
“Do you have the same thing in Parmesan?”
January/February 2006


“He’s going to feel that tomorrow.” September/October 1995
“He’s going to feel that tomorrow.”
September/October 1995



Man talking to his friend at a bar counter
“My wife thinks that I put football before marriage, even though we just celebrated our third season together.”
July/August 1999



Man watching football on television while his wife comlains about him to her friend.
“Football is a game where 22 big, strong men run around for two hours while millions who really need the exercise sit and watch.”
November/December 1998



Football team listens to their coach berate them in the locker room, while one of the players has his ear against the wall, listening in on the opposing team's coach on the other side.
“Boy, you should hear their coach!”
November 25, 1950



“Relax—the game is over!” October 5, 1957
“Relax—the game is over!”
October 5, 1957


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  1. In the old days, before the remote was invented, watching four or five college and pro football games, a guy could get as much exercise changing channels as a wide receiver.

  2. The 4th football cartoon by ‘Randolph’ is a real classic. I really like the fact you put a Syverson cartoon at the top, just like they were on top of the Post Scripts page in the older magazine issues. You’ve had other requests for its return, and this gives the online cartoon pages that familiar (but previously missing) traditional, fun connection. In addition, there should be one for any topic or occasion throughout the year.


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