Cartoons: Fall Tomfoolery

Autumn is about falling leaves, football, and, of course, Halloween! Looking at the funny side of this beautiful, spooky season are our great Post cartoonists.

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You’ll really fall for these cartoons that celebrate the first crisp days of autumn.

Witches' brooms rest on a brick wall as they occupy a parking space. Sign above the brooms reads "Witches Parking Only. Others Will Be Toad"
Sep/Oct 1995


Impatient boy rakes leaves while his father looks on.
“When trees lose their leaves, why can’t they really lose them?”
Nov/Dec 2001


Football players discuss a play amongst themselves while their headless teammate walks towards them.
“He’s going to feel that tomorrow.”
Sep/Oct 1995


Boy with braces points approvingly at a Jack-O'Lantern to his father. The pumpkin is also wearing braces.
“I like this one.”
Sep/Oct 2002


A man adjusts the volume on his television remote while watching a football game. His wife and her friend converse in the background.
“Football is a game where 22 big, strong men run around for two hours while millions who really need the exercise sit and watch.”
Nov/Dec 1998


Man blows leaves over the fence onto his neighbor's head.
Sep/Oct 2002


Witch sits on a mall Santa's leg, warning him.
“It’s only October, buster. You’re butting in on my territory.”
Nov/Dec 1994

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  1. I love them all, especially the bottom four. The one of the boy and the pumpkin both wearing braces is wonderful. The woman commenting about men and football is mainly true; just look at the guy below blowing his leaves next door. He could have at least waited until no one was home…

    Someone should draw a cartoon of a Pilgrim having tied both the witch and Santa to the railroad track (with an oncoming train in the distance) stating: “This is what you two get for running ME over every single year, damn it!”


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