Cartoons: It’s a Ruff Life

These cartoons have gone to the dogs.

Dog looking despondant while her owner scolds her.

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September/October 1996
September/October 1996


"You've been drinking out of the toilet again, haven't you?" January/February 1998
“You’ve been drinking out of the toilet again, haven’t you?”
January/February 1998


 "Oh, well, if it wasn't for me, old 'Butter Ball' wouldn't get any exercise." from May/June 1996
May/June 1996


 "People kept tripping over him." from December 1982
“People kept tripping over him.”
December 1982


from September/October 1996
September/October 1996


"Hello, Rover's Retreat, formerly known as the Acme Obedience School." from July/August 1993
“Hello, Rover’s Retreat, formerly known as the Acme Obedience School.”
July/August 1993


 "Don't pet him! He's been naughty all day!" from November/December 1993
“Don’t pet him! He’s been naughty all day!”
November/December 1993

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  1. They’re all great, but like the one by (a different) ‘Rockwell’ best. I’ve been spending time when I can these past several days comforting displaced dogs and horses at a shelter nearby, due to the fires. Many ARE being reunited with their owners, thank God.

    Most likely ‘The Great American Dog Show” with John O’Hurley should be on early Thanksgiving afternoon. Not being nearly ruff enough on them, NBC IS the worst network; but even WE can give even them a pass for this classy annual show, and the Olympics.


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