Rockwell Video Minute: A World War II Veteran’s Imperfect Fit

Norman Rockwell captures the moment of a World War II veteran trying to fit back into his old life.

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Norman Rockwell used a returning World War II veteran as his model so he could capture the true look and spirit of an American soldier. 

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  1. My wife and I visited Rockwell’s museum in Arlington, Vermont about 20 years ago and being a plumber of 40-plus years, I was drawn to and purchased a poster-size print of his illustration, “The Plumbers” which humorously shower a cigar chewing, middle-aged journeyman in soiled coveralls with pencil in ear and billing pad in back pocket, spritzing perfume in the face of his tool-laden apprentice, with a puzzled toy pooch looking on, while they were walking through milady’s white pristine boudoir enroute to their work site in an adjoining bathroom.
    Norman Rockwell deserves to be among the Greats of all time and not be compared to over-rated critic- darlings popularized over the decades. I once read of an art snob referring to him as a merely an “illustrator”.


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