Rockwell Video Minute: A Scandalous Family Tree

When Norman Rockwell decided to paint an extended family tree, for the patriarch he chose not a hero, but a villain.

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  1. The H.P. on the treasure chest could be Howard Pyle. Use Google to see the power and beauty of his illustrations. Any artist would admire him…his work.

  2. Well of course the Post’s art director thought the cover was wonderful. A fascinating video on a very unusual ‘Rockwell’. The people gradually seemed to get more wholesome going up the tree, seeming to have ‘arrived’ by the early 20th, and of course mid-century where it stops.

    I haven’t, but really should do an Ancestry DNA exploration on myself. All of the relatives on my Dad’s side are very boring ‘one to two word answer’ kind of people. Somewhere, on my Mom’s side, there has to have been someone I can point to identify with. Perhaps traits from a few people in the 18th and 19th centuries. My curiosity’s got me tonight. Horsemen? Actors? Charmers? Writers? Non-drinkers? Lawyers? Veterinarians?


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