Cartoons: Christmas Countdown

Decorating, shopping, and wrapping gifts: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Cartoons of Christmas Past—from as far back as the ’40s—show that getting ready for December 25 is never easy.


A dog has pulled the Christmas lights from a tree outside his owner's house. The owner is out in the snow, beckoning the dog to give him the lights.
December 1951


A grumpy child in a suit stands impatiently as his mother tries to convince him to smile for the photographer, who is also impatient.
“… then they’ll say, ‘What a SWEET little boy, and what a DARLING Christmas card.'”
December 1948


A housekeeper, with a large candy cane, directs a Christmas tree delivery man to where she would him to place the large pine. The delivery man is struggling under the tree's weight.
“Rather like it over there.”
December 1961


A elevator operator announces that the cab has reached the toy department. The elevator itself is packed with apprehensive parents and their eager children.
“Sixth floor—toys, Santa Claus, pandemonium.”
December 1961


An disheveled news anchor struggles back into her seat as her co-host announces her upcoming segment on last-minute Christmas shopping.
“…And here’s our own Liz Rafferty, just back from the stores with a few last-minute shopping suggestions.”
December 1993


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