Saturday Evening Post Week in Review | 12-21-2018

Catch up on the latest at The Saturday Evening Post with our Week in Review.

Nick Gilmore, Chris Wakefield, and Troy Brownfield chat about the week's topics at a cafe.

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Catch up on the latest at The Saturday Evening Post with our Week in Review. Each week The Saturday Evening Post staff brings you up to date on the latest news from America’s oldest magazine.

This week’s topics include:

Seven Reasons Why Aquaman Is No Joke: Jason Momoa may be having fun as Aquaman, but the Sea King himself is no joke in the comics world.

How the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s Changed America: As attitudes and cultures changed in 60’s America, many people began to identify with the sexual revolution. But did policies and shifting ideas in the 80’s cause a regression?

New Christmas Songs to Freshen Up Your Playlist:  It’s time to appreciate some of the modern classics of the Christmas song variety. Yes, there’s Mariah Carey, but we’ve also brought Twisted Sister, The Ramones, and Run-DMC.

Don’t @ Me: There’s no shortage of things that are getting under our skin this week. Troy defends Leonard Cohen, Nick wants you to ghost your employer, and Chris doesn’t need this type of parenting advice.

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