Vintage Christmas Cartoons

You won’t find any iPhones or computer games in these Christmas cartoons from the 1940s and ’50s, but you just might notice how many things haven’t changed at all.

A shocked father looks to watch his son walk out of the chimney, covered in soot.

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Christmas is almost here, and we hope these vintage cartoons fill you with cheer!


A woman begins wrapping a last-minute Christmas gift as the recipients walk up her to her front door. Her husband is watching them approach through the window.
“Are you sure it’s the Browns? Are you sure they have presents?”
Don Tobin
December 25, 1948


A perturbed homeowner lectures a group of carolers as they stand dejected on his snow-covered front porch.
“Furthermore, I’m not at all sure that ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ IS a carol.”
December 25, 1948


A man leans out of his parked car to hand a box of kittens to his son, instructing him to abandon them on front porches throughout the neighborhood. This cartoon is terrible.
“One at each house…just say ‘Merry Christmas’ and leave right away.”
George Reckas
December 25, 1948


An elevator attendant announces to the packed cab that they've reached the toy department. In the next panel, the operator lays on the floor in pain, having been run-over by the excited patrons.


A couple reads through the many Christmas cards they've received. One of the cards lists all the members of the sender's family, including their dog.
“By golly, it was thoughtful of their cocker spaniel to wish us a Merry Christmas.”
Don Tobin
December 23, 1950


A shocked father looks to watch his son walk out of the chimney, covered in soot.
“He’ll probably make it, but it’ll be an awful tight squeeze.”
Roy Fox
December 20, 1958


A young, anxious boy holds a sign that reads "Shows Tied, 1 cent" in a busy department store during holiday shopping season.
December 20, 1941


Proud parents watch their son approach his Christmas gift, a bicycle with a newspaper delivery basket with a sign that says, "Read the Evening Sentinel". The boy looks confused.
December 25, 1950

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