Cartoons: Dating Don’ts

Some dating moments are perfect, and others are perfectly hilarious!

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A woman talks to her date on a couch
“According to statistics you will call on me three and two-tenths more times before you ask me to marry you.”
February 12, 1949


Man at a open door waiting for his date
“I’ll tell her you’re here, but as it is she’s already had a trying day.”
Mel Lazarus
February 10, 1951


Man talks to his date at a restaurant table.
“No filet mignon? Phew-w-w…that was close—I mean, that’s too bad…how about a nice hamburger instead…?”
Les Colin
February 11, 1950


Two children talk at a table.
“I’m taking it for granted that you’re very anxious to impress me!”
Charles Schulz
February 19, 1949


A couple look at wedding rings through a jewler's store window.
“Roger, darling, you’re turning pale!”
Joseph Zeis
February 14, 1953


A father looks at his daughter and her date though the front window.
Brad Anderson
February 16, 1952


Man playing with his girlfriend's hair
“Gee, but your hair looks lovely tonight.”
Tom Henderson
February 12, 1949


A woman introducing her friend to a potential partner.
“Mr. Haskell, this is Miss Stein—Good things come in small packages—and Miss Stein, this is Mr. Haskell—You can’t get too much of a good thing.”
February 7, 1948


Man talking to his girlfriend on a couch.
“Certainly I’m serious. Why I’d marry you tomorrow if I didn’t have an appointment with the dentist.”
Brad Anderson
February 13, 1954


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