Cartoons: Diet and Exercise

Losing weight is hard, but these laughs will make everything a little bit lighter!

Two women in steam boxes talk

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Man flosses his teeth while his wife speaks to him.
“Well, I suppose with all the meals you eat, flossing after each would be considered exercise.”
Marty Bucella
May 1, 2011



Man sits in an exam room, listening to his doctor give him health advice.
“You need more exercise. How would you like to carry my golf clubs at the physician’s open?”
Harley Schwadron
May 1, 2006



Waitress speaks to a restaurant patron
“The diet special? You just give me a tip and leave.”
July 1, 1982



A dejected Ben Franklin in workout clothes listens to a colonial neighbor tell him advice he doesn't want to hear.
“Stick with practical inventions. Ben—the world just isn’t ready for a Benjamin Franklin exercise video.”



Two women in steam boxes talk

“Sometimes I just wonder if my husband is worth it!”
January 12, 1935



A newly-wed wife talks to her husband.
“Good-by steam baths, good-by slenderizing treatments, good-by low-calorie diets!”
Chon Day
January 21, 1950



Woman trying on coats in a department store's dressing room
“It’s always such a relief to get back into hiding…”
M. Blanchard
January 21, 1950

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