Cartoons: Wacky Winter Sports

When it dips below freezing, the skates, skis and laughs come out!

Woman speaking to a fellow skiier buried in the snow

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A boy scout counselor leads his troop at a game of ice hockey
“Here goes the game, the ice, Mr. Johnson’s disposition – and the hike we’d planned for this afternoon!”
Roland Coe
January 22, 1944



Two skiiers watch a newspaper reading man calmly ride a ski lift towards the top of a slope
“He lives up on top.”
Robert Day
January 17, 1942



A ice hockey goalie notices his shoe is untied while he is tending a goal during a game.
Douglas Borgstedt
January 13, 1940



A landscaper points to a realistic drawing of a hockey puck he made on the ice's surface.
“I can hardly wait for the game tonight. It’s painted there!”
Ernie Garra
January 4, 1941



A man uses his skis to move down his walkway.
January 3, 1942


Man kneels down and prays in mid-flight during a ski jump.
“That’s pretty good form, considering it’s his first jump.”
January 3, 1942


A skier flies towards a tree that has several diverging signs, reading "Eenie, meanie, minie, moe"
January 2, 1943


Woman speaking to a fellow skiier buried in the snow
“Joe! Joe! Aren’t you going to teach me to ski, as you promised?”
Hilda Terry
January 1, 1944



A laywer urges his client to sign their will before they ski down a slope.
“Nearest of kin…”
Douglas Borgstedt
January 24, 1942


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  1. Do you still have the classic cartoons of the 40’s -through the 60’s and Hazel cartoons which were hysterical classics.

  2. I had to scribe once again because I have missed these wonderful uplifting cartoons.


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