Cartoons: The Winter of Our Discontent

Kids love to wake up and see a foot of snow outside. Adults…not so much.

Man shoveling snow out of his car

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Woman talking to her husband who's wet from falling through the ice.
Now, I suppose you want to go home.”
Ed Lepper
February 16, 1957


The extreme cold outside froze a tea pot of hot water over a car.
“Very cold out there?”
Chas. Cartwright
February 10, 1951



Man shoveling snow out of his car
Hank Syverson
February 12, 1949



Men pushing a car though deep snow.
“Hold it fellas — we’ve rocked Eddie to sleep again!”
Tom Henderson
November 16, 1946



A man trying to talk to his date, who's frozen solid.
“Well, good night again, Alice…I say good night again, Alice…Alice…oh, Alice….”
February 8, 1947



A couple walk into the wind with their backs bent by the wind.
Stan Hunt
February 8, 1947



A wife rushes to stop her husband from swearing while their priest drinks tea in the living room.
“Man! It’s getting colder than a…”
Al Johns
January 4, 1958


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  1. As a cartoonist myself I love all of your cartoons. The style have changed but the humor is still there. Hope one day one of mine will make it into your magazine.

    Ramon Valenzuela

  2. They’re all great, but #1 and 5 are my favorites. Why would the husband in #1 want to get home, out of those clothes and into a warm bath before he catches pneumonia? As for Alice, it’s best we not know.


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