Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: 10 Great Movies That Weren’t Nominated for Oscars

Movie fans are outraged when their favorite film gets passed over for an Oscar nomination, but lots of classic pictures never came close to Oscar gold.

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Did your favorite movie get snubbed by the Oscars? Never fear! It’s in excellent company.



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  1. The video portion is excellent. However, the audio is not available even with headsets????

  2. There are several films that I’d love to see. Being the Hitchcock fan that I am, shame on me for never having seen ‘Vertigo’ in its entirety. I’m going to soon—for sure. I had the chance in 2010 to see the ’58 classic at the Egyptian on the big screen (as part of of its DVD release PR), but was sick. I also missed out on meeting Kim Novak who made a rare public appearance for the event! I’ve met a lot of big stars, so I really can’t complain. No, actually I can; and am.


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