Cartoons: Courtroom Comedy

When going in front of the judge IS a laughing matter!

Jury laughing at a defendant's joke on the witness stand

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Man reciting from a memorized script on the witness stand,
“Then everything went blank, comma, pause and wipe eyes with handkerchief….”
Burr Shafer
May 22, 1948


Lawyer raises an objection during a cross-examination.
“I object, Your Honor! The question is irrelevant, immaterial, misleading, and would send my client up for twenty years!”
Per Ruse
May 1, 1948


Two women talk to eachother while a murder suspect is on the stand,
“If she really killed her maid, I’d say her best bet would be an insanity plea.”
February 19, 1944


Judge playing on a swing installed in his office.
“Mrs. Plagendorf, didn’t I leave specific instructions that I am not to be disturbed while court is in recess?”


Jury laughing at a defendant's joke on the witness stand
“The jury is instructed to disregard the witness’ last one-liner.”


Head juror interupts a courtroom proceeding to demand higher pay
“We’ve decided not to render any decision until a decent rate of jury pay is established.”
Chon Day
September 11, 1948


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  1. I have been enjoying the Post’s cartoons since 1938. Really liked these, which is like reading them for the first time.


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