Preview “A Celebration of Dogs!”

If your family loves dogs as much as we do, take a sneak peek at our special collector’s edition, “A Celebration of Dogs!”

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Get a peek at our special collector’s edition, A Celebration of Dogs! 112 pages packed with dog-themed cover art by Norman Rockwell, Albert Staehle, Charles Livingston Bull, Ellen Pyle, and more, plus stories about hero dogs, therapy dogs, historic dogs, famous dogs, and funny dogs — all drawn from the Saturday Evening Post’s extensive archive.

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  1. The ‘preview’ ad on the back cover of the March/April issue was enough to get me to want to buy this wonderful book (on order now) with this video preview bringing it to life even further before receiving it. Don’t be surprised if I don’t order several more as gifts.

    You may need to do a 2nd or 3rd printing, who knows?! I’m planning on making 20 or so copies of the back cover ad and taking them with me to the beautiful dog park in my area, now that the weather’s getting better, and sharing them with the always nice dog people while there. It’s the perfect time to also tell them about the wonderful bimonthly Post they’ll love getting in their mailboxes at home, and/or work! A real “wow” gift for friends and family all year round, they never expected.

    I’m going to do my part in Encino, Ca. I hope everyone in the other 49 states joins me in what’s gonna be a doggone fun project! Just an hour or so at your local dog park, in the early-mid afternoon, that’s all. I’m starting on the 30th, out here. Join me, from your city and state. (Wear clothes you were planning to wash later, as a precaution if it’s muddy…)


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