Cartoons: A Bridge Too Far

What did people do before TV, texting, and twitter? They played cards! These cartoons from the 1940s take you back to at a time to when “no trump” had a whole different meaning.

Friends playing a game of bridge

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Angry man pointing to a partner during a card game
“Who led that piece of salami?!!”
H. Middlecamp
September 11, 1948


People playing a game of bridge
“You wouldn’t have made it if you had played it right.”
June 5, 1948


Man building a house of cards on a table while he waits another player to take her turn during a game of bridge
“Please don’t’ feel it’s necessary to hurry on my account.”
Irwin Caplan
March 20, 1948


People playing cards
“Never mind, dear. Here’s one with fifty-two.”
Don Tobin
March 13, 1948


Man reading a newspaper speaks to a group of women playing a game of cards across the room.
“Yeh, I’ll be fourth; come on over.”
February 19, 1949


People eating snakes and playing cards
“That last trick was yours – I think you’ll find it under the potato chips!”
January 10, 1948


Group of kids playing cards at a diner
“Nothing thanks, but you can bring us a napkin to keep score on.”
Mort Walker
October 2, 1948


Men arguing during a game of cards
“O.K., Wise Guy! I’ll just redouble seven spaces…who plays it?”
Don Tobin
September 11, 1948


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  1. As a cartoonist I enjoyed all cartoons. but would like than more if it was one of mine that I was looking at.


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