Cartoons: Bad Company

These cartoons are all about get-togethers that seem to be falling apart!

Couple overstaying their welcome, while the homeowners look on in their pajamas.

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Two couples having a conversation in a living room
“Why don’t you tell your joke now, George, and get it over with?”
March 5, 1949


A couple leaving a home; the man's coat is caught in the door.
“It seems to me they were anxious to see us go!”
Clyde Lamb
February 26, 1949


A couple welcoming their friends in from the rain; sheets of paper form a path on the floor.
“Harvey, Ethel!…Well, I never….”
George Kesner
February 12, 1949


Couple leaving a house.
“I felt sorry for them, the way they couldn’t get rid of us.”
Chon Day
February 4, 1950


Couple preparing for a night out.
“Maybe if we stopped going over to their house, they’d stop coming over to ours.”
January 21, 1950


Couple saying farewells to their dinner guests.
“Now, let’s not change the subject! We were saying ‘good night’!”
January 15, 1949


Couple overstaying their welcome, while the homeowners look on in their pajamas.
“Oh, we haven’t gone home. We thought you were preparing something to eat.”
Reamer Keller
November 27, 1948


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  1. My father-in-law used to say, “Let’s go to bed now, honey, so these nice people can go home.”

  2. Very awkward and embarrassing from top to bottom on these magnificent seven; holy smokes! I love the noses on the couple in #2, literally kicked out like that; in 1949! And here I thought that would have been a more gracious era.

    Love numbers 5 and 6, with 7 taking the cake on this selection’s outrageous scale!


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