Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: Ben-Hur Returns to the Big Screen

Don’t miss your chance to see Ben-Hur in a theater near you. Bill Newcott looks at this remarkable Hollywood epic, and remembers 13 of Charlton Heston’s best roles.

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Sixty years after its remarkable debut, Ben-Hur makes its triumphant return to the big screen. Saturday Evening Post movie critic Bill Newcott interviews Charlton Heston’s son, Fraser Heston, about the making of Ben-Hur, and looks at Heston’s greatest movie roles, including Heston’s 13 greatest performances.

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  1. Thank you Bill, for this outstanding feature. I’ll have to figure out my game plan to see the restored ‘Ben-Hur’ on the big screen this coming week. It’s all new, all over again to me anyway, having only seen clips of the film here and there, unfortunately.

    Although the emphasis here was to showcase the film’s ‘large-screen’ limited re-release, you did a great job of putting the spotlight on many of Heston’s lesser known films that also deserve it, and showcasing his diversity as an actor.

    I really want to see ‘Touch of Evil’ from 1958 soon. It does have that spellbinding quality that draws me in as only a black and white film can. The trailer looks great, and scary enough. I almost expected to see Peter Lorre creep Janet Leigh out along the way. He would have been good in ‘Psycho’ come to think of it, but probably too much.

    Bill, do you know IF ‘Psycho’ might get a theatrical re-release next year? It’ll be 60 years since ’60, and I was just wondering. Please review and advise.


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