Cartoons: Golf Grief

Spring is here, the flowers are in bloom, and the warm breezes are blowing. Why not ruin it with a round of golf?

A CEO looks on as his employee plays better golf then him.

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Man pulls a saw out of his shirt to cut down the tree standing in front of his golf ball.
Chon Day
September 25, 1948


A man's notices a shadow make a mocking face at him as he prepares his putt on the golf green.
H. Middlecamp
September 4, 1948


Two demolition experts prepare to blast through a cliff wall as golfers play nearby.
“Want to see somebody flub an eight-incher?”
Robert Day
August 28, 1948


A drenched golfer looks unhappily at his caddy, who hid in the golf bag during the recent downpour.
“Well, that wasn’t bad. Just a little shower.”
Tom Henderson
June 5, 1948


Golfer speaks to a fellow competitor as he prepares to take a swing in front of an audience.
“Sometimes I get to brooding over the childlike trust in all those faces…”
Douglas Borgstedt
April 22, 1950


A CEO looks on as his employee plays better golf then him.
“Nice shot. You know, you play very much like another young man that used to be with our firm.”
Al Johns
January 5, 1952


A mother and her kids prepare a goodbye party for the dad, who is going on a golfing trip.
“The children and I planned a little farewell party for you, Fred…now that golf season is here.”
Jeff Keate
March 18, 1950

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  1. As a cartoonist I love looking at old cartoons. They seem to be more down to earth type.
    Maybe on day my cartoons will be publish in your magazine.


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