Cartoons: Summertime

Sit back, grab an ice cream cone, and enjoy these vintage summertime cartoons from the 1950s.

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A grumpy kid at a lemonade stand is refusing to talk to his two partners, who are considering reconciliation because he may take his lemon and leave
“We can’t let him quit…we need his lemon.” 
Mort Walker
September 9, 1950


“Who’s got the mustard?” 
Don Tobin
 September 2, 1950


A frustrated gardener is talking to his neighbor, ranting how the weeds keep growing in the garden.
“Next year I’m gonna plant weeds…and see if the flowers won’t choke ’em out!”
Bandel Linn
August 26, 1950


An ice cream man lists the plethora of flavors he has available to his customer; the customer prefers it simple and asks for a vanilla cone.
“Vanilla, maple, chocolate, lemon, orange, tutti-frutti, butterscotch, raspberry, coffee, pistachio, banana, butter pecan, lemon pecan, pineapple, cherry, caramel, macaroon, maple walnut, chocolate fudge, ginger, peach, butter peach, lemon peach, coffee walnut, strawberry, strawberry orange, peppermint, fig custard, black almond, burnt butter crunch, grapenut, cherry chip, ginger snap, fudge flip, Baltimore grape, pumpkin, coconut custard, pineapple flip, apricot cream, pumpkin flip, pumpkin custard, black raspberry, dewberry, loganberry, apple fluff, citron, toffee brandy, rum cherry, rum ginger, butter rum, pistachio pineapple, plum, grapefruit, and…lime!” 
“I’ll take vanilla.”  
Clyde Lamb 
August 19, 1950


Two ice cream truck drivers wait outside a child's home, hoping he will run outside and buy ice cream from them.
“Jangle the bell again. I know he gets his allowance today.”
August 12, 1950


Child is screaming to his mom because his toy boat got wet while his dad was trying to fetch it from the pond.
“Daddy got the sails wet!” 
Ray Helle 
September 9, 1950


“…record throng of autos has jammed the highways leading to and from the city’s parks and beaches. State police report traffic moving at a snail’s pace on…”
Marty Lowenstein
July 7, 1951

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  1. In the earlier days when I grew up, the jokes in the Post were much more numerous and entertaining. Every other page had a joke on it. Why are the jokes so sparse now. They added so much pizazz to the magazine.

  2. Darn,

    I do not remember SEP jokes being that lame. Maybe I only recall some of the funnier ones, like Hazel.

  3. The Marty Lowenstein dated July 7, 1951 is really special for me. That is the day I was born – and I have always loved relaxing outside, sometimes in a hammock, but always with a radio for music and a bit of news. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The cartoon with the man lying in his own hammock in his own backyard, totally contented, really speaks to me. This was almost 70 years ago and still today, sometimes there’s no place like home!

  5. Seeing a Mort Walker panel makes me wonder if The Saturday Evening Post could publish a collection that features cartoonists that went on to greater things like Charles M. Schulz and Hank Ketcham? Even Ted Key could be represented. I would so purchase such a collection!

  6. My favorite here is ’54 Flavors’. Honest to God I’ve never heard of so many flavors; mind boggling. Too used to 31 (flavors) I suppose. I’ll take a cup of that pistachio pineapple with some whipped cream, please!


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