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Any summer that saw both Woodstock and the moon landing has got to be mind-blowing. Our July/August issue brings you stories that reflect on both.

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In the most recent issue of The Saturday Evening Post we bring you stories that give a fresh perspective on the events of 50 years ago, including Woodstock and the moon landing.  We also explore the life and art of painter N.C. Wyeth, the founding father of an American artistic dynasty that includes his son Andrew Wyeth and his grandson Jamie Wyeth.

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  1. I just got my July/August issue today, and it looks great per my initial leaf through this Tuesday evening. I’ll have more time to start really reading it later this week not being on the road this holiday. Thanks for using the Griswold family to illustrate ‘The Family Road Trip’. I put in comments on them in Bill Newcott’s Greatest TV Movie Dads Ever’ 10 days before this preview even came out.

    Road Trip is where I’ll REALLY start! I just finished Steven Slon’s wonderful editor’s letter that’s highly recommend! Don’t feel bad you didn’t get to Woodstock. I don’t, so that alone should help. Too young (turned 12 in May ’69), wrong part of the country, I now prefer civilized vintage rock acts over at the luxurious Saban Theater (on Wilshire Blvd.) in Beverly Hills; but that’s just me.

    Pam, I think you might be thinking of the Woodstock issue LIFE magazine re-printed in 2004. I bought it then and it’s still like new. The ‘REAL’ ones from 1969 go for TOO much money on e-bay. Most are fragile and not in good condition otherwise. The Post has their new book covering the entire year; even MORE groovy and right on!

    I wish there had been more letters on most of the May/June topics, but you can’t always get what you want. I liked the letter on the beautiful cover, the dog special and some on ‘How Old is Too Old’? Wayne Packwood’s from Wolf Creek, Oregon sums up my feelings on it quite nicely.


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