Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: The Roaring Twenties

July 1924 was filled with flappers, jazz, and Felix the Cat. But more sinister events were lurking.

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It’s July, 1924, and America is well into the Roaring Twenties. It’s a time that will be remembered for its fads, crazes, and publicity stunts, as well as more sobering events.

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  1. A very interesting time capsule report. Here we see the beginnings of Benito Mussolini’s rise to power in Italy, along with Al Capone’s here. Also Leopold & Loeb and the ever-present Klu Klux Klan making yet another resurgence; always lurking in America’s dark shadows never far from the surface, unfortunately.

    Americans got their hands on their booze despite Prohibition for good and bad times. The Saturday Evening Post’s influence and power was astonishing then, even more so looking back now. We need to realize and appreciate that today’s Post is equivalent editorially to (and for) these times, as much as it was then to those times and circumstances.

    Having gone through overwhelming changes forced upon it after World War II with television and too much else to even start getting into, the Post remarkably is what it was, and more. I’m willing to bet the public of 1924 would have loved today’s version of the magazine in a re-imagined, time travel reversal. Maybe with a dazzling feature on Clara Bow? I believe the unmentioned lovely lady at the end was none other than the sexy “It” girl herself!

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