Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: Highlights from the Toronto International Film Festival

Bill Newcott shares the best from Toronto, including A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks, Todd Phillips’ Joker, a great new movie featuring Eddie Murphy, and much more.

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Bill Newcott shares the best from the Toronto Film Festival, including A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the Mister Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks; the perfect murder mystery Knives Out; Joker starring Joachin Phoenix; the story of Harriet Tubman, Harriet; Ford v. Ferrari starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale; The Aeronauts with Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones; Eddie Murphy’s Dolemite Is My Name; and a powerful film portrayal of civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy.

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Featured image: A scene from A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Photo by Lacey Terrell – © Sony Pictures Entertainment)

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  1. I love this magazine and I liked Rock Hudson and Doris Day together in movies, Those were the movies that
    made people happy, not the ones of today. People don’t know how to be happy and their kids follow them but
    turn out worse. When we talk of the good old days, they were, What are the good days of today, cell phone
    and more new cell phones, what a waste of time, sorry but that is how I feel. thanks for a good magazine I will
    give it to my friends for Christmas

  2. All except one here (‘Joker’) look worthy of my time and money, Bill. The Fred Rogers film looks excellent. ‘Knives Out’ as well. Never want to miss a chance to see Jamie Leigh Curtis who always does great work. ‘Harriet’ brings the underground railroad to life. Definitely a pioneering woman who was constantly putting her own life on the line for the greater good and safety of others, Ms. Tubman’s story should be told on the big screen.

    I want to see ‘The Aeronauts’ about 19th century balloon flight. It looks fascinating. Before that though, ‘The Current War’. ‘Ford vs. Ferrari’ possibly. The scene of comparing the early Falcon compact cars with a Ferrari is ridiculous however. The Falcon was an extremely successful car in that important field, far out-selling its Corvair and Valiant rivals. How/why it was compared to a Ferrari is asinine.

    Sadly we have the pathetic and unnecessary ‘Joker’ to deal with. World News Tonight (9/25/19) reported on the likelihood of mass shootings at theaters showing the film, and the intense precautions that will have to be taken. In light of all the recent shootings in particular, and many others that were prevented I’d be steering clear of it anyway. Nothing can (or ever will) touch the 1966-’68 series for a ‘Batman’ fix, including Cesar Romero as the ultimate ‘Joker’!


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