Rockwell Video Minute: Saying Grace

In 1955, Saturday Evening Post readers voted for “Saying Grace” as their all-time favorite Norman Rockwell cover. Find out why.

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Featured image: Norman Rockwell / SEPS

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  1. This is one of my favorite Rockwell covers too. The man in the foreground looks surprised and impressed at the same time with the elderly woman and boy praying. The background story of Rockwell’s trial and error process in getting everything ‘perfect’ is interesting here as always.

    I read some years back (likely in a different online story here) that the woman passed away soon after the painting was completed, either right before or after this issue came out.

    Another favorite is ‘Sunday Morning’ dated May 16, 1959. It touches on religion and questionable respect too, though less serious. When I look at it now, I no longer see a ‘Bad Dad’ but a ‘Tired Dad’ that’s worked hard all week and just needs a day of quiet and rest. Rockwell could have gone a little easier on this man than he did, making him more sympathetic. That though, would have taken away from the dark humor. No, it’s perfect as is.


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