Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: November 1910

The modern age was just beginning to enter American lives in the form of automobiles, electric toasters, and the very first movie stars.

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  1. Another great time capsule video. I love the opening illustration. You can definitely tell it’s the 20th century, with traces of the 19th disappearing that would have been evident (still) in the first several years of the 20th.

    This video looks at the many new products coming into existence for the first time, particularly the electrical appliances and automobiles. I never knew tractors had electric lights for work after dark. Air travel was a long way from safe, and frankly still is in 2019 given the nightly stories on World News Tonight regarding it. Geez!

    I got a kick out of silent star Florence Lawrence. Flora Finch would have made a fun and interesting character on the 1964-’66 ‘Addams Family’ series had it been possible. New York’s Penn Station was/is a wonderful masterpiece indeed. Had such a building been built in Europe it WOULD have been maintained and likely still in use today, barring destruction from natural disasters, wars or more recently terrorist destruction. Our country lacks respect for its heritage which IS related to lack of respect for itself otherwise, unfortunately.


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