The Most Popular New Fiction of 2019

Looking for a good story? Here are the top ten most popular short stories that we posted in 2019.

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1. Four Months after Herbert Died

A dark hallway with a shadow of a man in the background

By Jessica Federle

“For all 68 years of his life, being overlooked had been a norm. Finally, it seemed that being overlooked had fallen in his favor.”

2. Marlie’s House

Old, abandoned farmhouse

By Sara Amis

Escaping to the Georgia home she once shared with her parents, a young artist creates a happiness mural. But happiness, like life, won’t last forever.

3. Papa


By Jonathan Vollinger

Young Jack looks to his father for answers about his mother’s strange behavior.

4. Calculus 1

Piece of paper with algebra equations

By John M. Floyd

He was good at math — but some problems aren’t so easily solved.

5. A Sentimental Person

Man playing a guitar

By Kevin Fitton

Years after his wife’s death, a Michigan pastor learns how to play the blues and how to let go.

6. The Mailman

Man handing a package to its owner.

By Jeff Wallach

A technical writer living in Oregon discovers the new mailman is his friend’s dead husband.

7. Cool, Damp Cloth


By Niles Reddick

“At the first light, I … saw a fellow with a cigarette in one hand, cell phone in the other, and his belly steered the old Buick when the light turned green.”

8. Everything in Time Travel Has Been Done

Boy looking at his wristwatch

By Doug Lane

When picking a science fair project, NEVER pick time travel. It’s worse than dangerous: There are no great projects left.

9. The Mansion


By Mehdi M. Kashani

The winds of fate don’t always smell so sweet.

10. The Day the Earth Smiled


By Nathan Goodroe

Dad’s obsession was pretty overwhelming, so he wouldn’t settle for a normal family photo.


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