Post Artists: George Hughes, Norman Rockwell’s Anti-Muse

Artist George Hughes painted evocative images of middle-class, suburban life. He also acted as a sounding board for Norman Rockwell, who often did the exact opposite of what Hughes suggested.

A reclining man on a couch upset that visitors have arrived at his home.
(George Hughes / SEPS)

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Featured image: George Hughes / SEPS

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  1. Another great Post artist, to be sure. I did not know Hughes originally started out with the Post doing serious inside illustrations for the magazine during World War II! He clearly went on to bigger and better assignments with his beautiful covers.

    The opening cover picture at the top is one of my favorites along with so many others. A personal favorite is from November 1961 with a boy in his pajamas and robe in a mid-century dinner party buffet line he clearly didn’t belong, but Hughes ‘made it okay’ after all.

    He was up on the latest looks as well (if studied), as the cover (and times) had clearly turned the corner away from the Fifties. I’d love to see Post videos on a couple of other mid-century favorites, Kurt Ard and Richard Sargent at some point as well.


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