Rockwell Video Minute: The Tattoo Artist

The humor in Norman Rockwell’s illustration, The Tattoo Artist, is not the amorous sailor, but the artist who has seen that love doesn’t always last, but tattoos do.

Tattoo artist crosses out the names of a man's former loves off on his forearm.
(Norman Rockwell / SEPS)

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Featured image: Norman Rockwell / SEPS

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  1. Another excellent video. So here we have Post artist Mead Schaeffer on the cover of the Post himself, butt not in a way he cared for. I wonder how Clarence Decker liked how HE looked on the finished product. His nose in the photo was just fine, but on the cover broken; at least once.

    With all of the work (and headaches/nuisances) involved in the making of many of these covers, it’s mind boggling Rockwell created 322 between 1916 and ’63!


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