Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: February 1937

In February of 1937, movies were 25¢, strikers were shutting down auto plants in Flint, and President Roosevelt was working on a plan to pack the Supreme Court.

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Featured image: Library of Congress

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  1. Very interesting time capsule. I never knew about this GM auto strike in Flint, Mi. before. It obviously was terrible during the duration before the proper agreements were struck with the UAW. The National Guard? Not good. Other than Buick, I wasn’t able to tell which other divisions were (also) out of Flint or not. I knew Oldsmobile was out of Lansing, so it likely wasn’t affected.

    Getting a 6 hour film cut down to 2 or under 2 sounds like a difficult challenge to me. (Makes me wonder how long ‘Cleopatra’ from ’63 may have been!) Interesting about Swing music really coming into its own at that time.

    Although the unemployment rate had declined quite a bit from the earlier sections of the ’30s, it was still pretty bad. Unfortunately, it would take America’s all-consuming involvement in World War II less than 5 years later to finally end the Depression for good.


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