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Our March/April issue brings stories about what’s being done about food waste, the largest dam demolition project in the U.S., the unique splendor of ruins, plus much more.

March/April 2020 Cover

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  1. I received this issue almost two weeks ago, and it’s one of the best yet. I’ve already learned so much from it (such as the massive food waste problem) and have really only started. These are serious topics we need to know about that are not being discussed in other publications, and the media otherwise.

    The Post isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns, especially on the environment and how seemingly separate ecological entities are all tied together. We have to have a higher level of awareness in order to come up with the proper solutions, as you’ll read here.

    The magazine is a true leader in this crucial consciousness raising of reversing the adverse, toxic, unsustainable situation this planet is in, if it is to survive and eventually be healthy again. Global warming, oceans on the edge, animals on the edge of extinction. Antarctica to Australia, you name it, they need massive help. The help needs help!

    There are many other great features I can’t wait to read. If you’re not a subscriber yet, get your card out and call (800) 829-5576 immediately.


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