Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: The Movies Salute Doctors and Nurses

The world's doctors and nurses are front-line heroes in the war against COVID-19, but they've always been champions in the eyes of Hollywood. Here's our tribute to memorable medical men and women in the movies.

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  1. This was an interesting tribute, and thoughtful of you. Let’s just see though how the parasite industry of today’s Hollywood takes care of all the thousands of people behind the scenes of their own industry that are not rich at all, just lucky to have had decent enough jobs within the industry, often working far harder than those we see on the screen.

    It’s kinda “rich” in a different way that that broken down old witch, Alec Baldwin, would utter the line “I am God.” I have little doubt he had the line written for himself, and actually believes it to this day. In fact his most famous role is portraying Trump on the long-dead SNL. I can’t think of a more perfect role to BE his signature role. For further authenticity, may he take the President’s various medical advice too. He owes it to himself. There ya go!


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