Preview Our May/June 2020 Issue

Our May/June issue brings stories about finding our common humanity, searching for kindness across America, remembering Mt. St. Helens, plus much more.

The cover for the May/June 2020 Post issue

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  1. The May/June issue looks like one of the best yet, perfectly timed for these times. I imagine producing it brought challenges you usually don’t face, but the show must go on and does, beautifully as we can see here. I think there are millions of homes where the Post is not coming into, that would sooo appreciate having it. Hopefully Mary Latham is spreading the word about it as she travels across the U.S.

    All of this is wrapped up in yet another beautiful animal cover, to join that long proud tradition. So many wonderful animals we have to admire from afar, unfortunately. Horses (like dogs) fortunately are two we can love and interact without restrictions. With animals you get so much back from them that’s 100% sincere. I haven’t gotten to visit (feed, help groom and ride) two horses I have access to in Hidden Hills through friends, in several months and really miss them. Hopefully I will soon. I know as soon as they see me, they’ll saunter over; even if they’re way back on the property. It’s an honor you can’t put a price on.


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