Post Artists: Stevan Dohanos

Illustrator Stevan Dohanos’s observation of the ordinary inspired him to capture poignant scenes, sometimes humorous, but always appreciative of the world familiar to Post readers.

Man sleeping on the job.

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Featured image: Stevan Dohanos / SEPS

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  1. I love Stevan Dohanos covers very much whenever I look through the book. He had his own special style that was uniquely his. I never thought about the fireplugs (as such) before, but now know their significance to Stevan, The anti-aircraft listening device cover is fascinating to me. I have beautiful framed ads of World War II aircraft by Pontiac & Oldsmobile; what they were producing during the War for our nation in helping us win.

    I normally don’t think of Dohanos as an inside story illustrator, but he was really good there too. He went the extra mile (like Rockwell) for the right person to use as the model for it. In this case it was Don Knotts. I wouldn’t have recognized him there without it having been pointed out! (Yul Brynner might have been too scary!)

    Ouch on that 1952 ‘vacation’ cover with that poor woman stuck inside the beach front cabin having to deal with that sink-full of dirty dishes. She likely didn’t get any help with them at home either from her lounging husband flaunting it right here. Then there was that letter to the editor from a man who ‘had no sympathy for a woman who CHOSE to be a housekeeping martyr’. That’s pretty bad. I think most men have evolved from THAT, fortunately.

    It’s one area where there seems to have been legitimate progress in our more gender-neutral society. I’m sure there are a few Neanderthal hold-outs here and there, but are rightly so viewed unfavorably by men as much as women.

    I like that ‘vacation’ cover that had the Canadians upset, and would have bought a copy before they ran out if I didn’t have a subscription then. I didn’t.


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