Rockwell Video Minute: Cousin Reginald

Norman Rockwell used his recollections of summers in the country to create illustrations of Cousin Reginald, a frail and awkward city kid who never quite fit in with the farm boys.

Bashful Cousin Reginald approaches a girl he admires.
(Norman Rockwell / SEPS)

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Featured image: Norman Rockwell / SEPS

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  1. Thanks for this video on Cousin Reginald. I’d forgotten about him, then remembered your feature from several years ago, Jeff. This is a good companion feature to that one with insightful insights. I may not have been a country boy, or the teacher’s pet, but learned to play the charm and ‘cute’ cards with the teachers at an early age. It still serves me well today with female bosses. Keep it light and fun, always do a great job, and surprise her with a cold one every now and then.

    That would be a slightly chilled See’s Awesome Nut & Chew Bar. You weren’t thinking of something else I hope. If so, you’re bad, b-b-b-b-bad!


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