5-Minute Fitness: Pelvic Curl

The CEO of The Balanced Life has a easy yet powerful exercise you can do at home.

Woman doing a pelvic curl on a sandy beach
(Courtesy The Balanced Life)

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Strengthen your spine with the following move: “The pelvic curl is an amazing exercise for improving spinal mobility and movement: The goal is to feel the articulation rolling through your spine one vertebra at a time,” says Robin Long, certified Pilates instructor and founder and CEO of The Balanced Life.

Pelvic Curl

  1. Lie on mat with knees bent and feet flat on floor hip-distance apart
  2. Inhale. Exhale, tucking pelvis and curling spine one vertebra at a time into bridge position as shown.
  3. Inhale at top of bridge and stretch until your knees reach over toes.
  4. Exhale, softening chest and slowly curling spine to the ground.

Gradually work up to 10 repetitions daily.

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Featured image: Courtesy The Balanced Life

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