Post Artists: Sarah Stilwell Weber

Sarah Stilwell Weber was told by her mentor that she would ruin her art career if she got married. But she went on to marry, have a child, and be one of the most successful and well-paid artists of the early 1900s.

Drawing of a happy young girl resting in roses
Detail, Saturday Evening Post cover from November 2, 1918 (©SEPS)

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Featured Image: Detail, Saturday Evening Post cover from November 2, 1918 (©SEPS)

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  1. I really love the cover art Ms. Stilwell-Webber created for the Post in the samplings shown in this video. The fact she did 60 covers is a lot for ANY one given artist outside of Leyendecker and Rockwell, whom in this case don’t count.

    It’s wonderful that the Post thought so highly of her work that they offered her a contract to regularly produce covers for them, but sad that her last one was only in 1921. It seems to me they should have taken an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach with her, letting her produce her works on her own ‘freelance’ type schedule that she apparently had been doing up to that point anyway (?), without a problem.


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