Cartoons: The Milkman

These cartoons featuring mid-century milkmen just may mooooove you to mirth!

Small boy asks the milkman a question
“Hi, how’s your cow?” Harry Mace September 20, 1952

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Milkman delivers milk from a giant tanker.
“How are the quads today, Mrs. Collins?”
October 22, 1955


Milkman congratulates a customer
“Congratulations, sir. You are our millionth bottle of sweet cream.”
Dave Hirsch
October 1, 1955


Small boy asks the milkman a question
“Hi, how’s your cow?”
Harry Mace
September 20, 1952


A milkman explains that he leaves kittens on doorsteps as he delivers his milk.
“We leave them on doorsteps…it’s practically doubled business.”
June 23, 1951


Milkman has his fingers stuck in a bottle
Joe Campbell
May 24, 1952


Milkman milks fresh milk from a milk cow.
“It’s a very small company but their milk is wonderfully fresh.”
Al Johns
March 17, 1956


Milkman goes through a stack of notes left by a customer
“Well—I see you got my note.”
Joseph Zeis
January 29, 1955


Milkman travels up a long series of steps, only to get a note telling him not to deliver to that house today.
Bill Harrison
December 1, 1951


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  1. On my favorite cartoons this week, I’d have to go with numbers one, two, four and six as the funniest of this group.

    Dan, I agree with your comments. I personally am an Independent because the 2 major parties are so flawed and horrible, I don’t know which one is worse! My late mom and dad (born in 1915 & 1928 respectively) were life long Democrats largely because they were products of the Depression and World War II. I know though they did vote for IKE the 2nd time.

    There was a lot of National Pride they experienced I’m intellectually aware of, where both parties did what was good for the common need in times of crisis even if they didn’t agree on everything otherwise. My parents both became increasingly disillusioned with the Democratic Party after JFK was assassinated, 57 years ago tomorrow. I was exactly 6 1/2 in the first grade; just… just at the cut off point of being old enough to be able to remember it at all.

    It’s a horrible riddle that remains unanswered to this day as to who (aside from Oswald). JFK and Bobby both were clamping down on the Mob, so there’s that very real angle. But bigger than that was the great American Military Machine/Defense Contractors that would have lost billions had JFK been able to stop/end the unjustified Vietnam War before it got out of control. Johnson was willing to ‘play ball’ with the military, Kennedy wasn’t. A huge angle.

    It would be at least of some comfort to think it was done by Castro or Khrushchev, but it only makes sense it was done by our own government. We’ve now been in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars nearly 20 years. Trillions given to the defense contractors when there’s no viable threat to the U.S. coming from these countries.

    Of course we had to defend ourselves and go after Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, yes, but one has to wonder if that would have occurred had the U.S. minded its own business, not antagonizing and inciting such retaliation. Most people killed in the endless war of the past 20 years have been innocent people. Who knows how much of a role the U.S. has had unwittingly played in the creation of ISIS and what they’ve done in Europe, particularly France?

    In Jeff Nilsson’s recent feature “Why Is Our Country So Divided”? he brings up a lot of good points. My own comments emphasize just how vicious our own government is to our own people during this pandemic and economic crisis. ALL Washington cares about are Wall Street, the corporations and the defense contractors.

    The American people come dead last, literally. In other countries they put the well being of their people first, not here. Endless infighting and nothing getting done since July??! Please go to the Post’s search bar and look for this article. I included in my comments, a very good sampling of what other countries have done and continue to do for their people during this pandemic. What it says about them and the U.S. couldn’t be more clear.

  2. With the election season finally closed (!!!!!!) I want to use this time to express my thoughts about what has happened to our democratic government. For all my many years as a Republican I had been what I called a conscientious conservative. I defined that as being economically conservative but socially liberal, fiscally responsible while caring for the well being of all of our citizens. And, for the most part, that was how the Republican Party operated.

    All of that changed with the Tea Party movement in 2009 where the followers voted like a significantly farther right third party in Congress. The conservative wing of the Republican Party has shed the tea party moniker but many former members have replaced it with the Freedom Caucus which has pushed for defunding Planned Parenthood, reversing Roe v Wade, and repealing Obamacare, all programs that I support, and polls show that most Americans support.

    That ultraright conservatism and the second Bush presidency debacles caused me to vote Democratic for the first time for Obama. I supported most of his agenda and my embarrassment for ever being a Republican intensified when the Republican Senate stymied every program he put forth in his second term, not because they were not good programs but just because they came from Obama. I continue to be embarrassed by the antics of the Republican Party.

    And then came the 2016 election! Our very high and increasingly higher level of economic inequality have worn away the integrity of our political system to the extent that enabled the rise of Donald Trump and his bullying, anger, name calling, and mistrusting agenda, a disconnect from any real programs to help the common man. He brags about the stock market and building the strongest military power in the world when he should be bragging about how he rebuilt the country’s infrastructure, improved our schools, and reduced the level of poverty and number of starving children. A country is not judged by how strong are the strongest but how strong are the weakest.

    The primary sources of this economic inequality are the result of the Republican dramatic shift to the far right and the Democratic shift to the center. A very capable, accomplished and experience woman never captured the heart of America and the result is we got a president that lacks character, honor, and is a pathological liar supported by a “hands off” party, Fox News, the NRA and despite his having children by three wives, all of which he cheated on, by fundamentalist christian groups.

    Trump, in spite of all his faults and his obvious lack of qualification for the job, still commands an approval rating in the low 40% range. How can that be? My observation is that there are two support groups, one that are single issue advocates that accept all his imperfections for his policies that favor their single issue, like their stock portfolio, free trade, immigration, etc. and working class whites who have been manipulated by a TV pitchman.

    And as if that was not bad enough, the Republican party in congress has failed miserably to stand up to this out-of-control president. Their blatant efforts at voter suppression is almost criminal. Their duplicity and hypocrisy in the handling of the two Supreme Court justice cases speaks loudly and defines what has become of their party. A shameless party that now stands silent as he challenges the results of the election and imperils the safety and stability of our government. This in no way represents the Republican party I grew up with and supported those many years.

    Just thought you should know how ashamed I am for ever being associated with the Republican Party,


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