Rockwell Video Minute: Elect Casey

Rarely has Rockwell’s genius for narrative art been better displayed than on this cover of a politician comically stunned to learn he’s lost an election.

Politician slumps in his chair after losing an election

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Featured image: (Norman Rockwell / © SEPS)

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  1. is it possible to type in a request for a particular article that first appeared during the 1930’s and then was repeated sometime in a more recent edition? i am new to this digital world but a post reader due to family subscription as i was growing up.
    sincerely, barbara

  2. What an interesting story about a Rockwell vintage election cover. Mr. Casey looks shocked and surprised. I’m sure this was a district mid-termer, but even so, those numbers obviously hurt. Hopefully he got a good enough night’s sleep to make his concession speech the next day.


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